The battle royal games are known as the games played between multiple players. Many games in the world grasp the attention of gamers. The most played battle royal game is PUBG. The PUBG game has around 600 million players. The gamers really enjoy playing this game because it is considered the favorite pastime for many people. PUBG has taken the market in recent years. However, many games were played previously. Here is a list of games that are like PUBG. This technology is changing the world hugely.

APEX Legend

One of the first games is Apex legend, and it is becoming the talk of the town. When we look back at the early days, this game was very famous on PC and console. The APEX legend has been a part of all the promotional fluff. This is promoting the game and showing it to the world on the very day of its release. It seems that the gamble for this has paid off. Apex legend is one of the most exciting games, and it is a skill-intensive battle royal game. It also seems that this game will pull off its feat as it expands into this platform. 

This game helps to choose your legends, including the characters on the paywall. The primary mission for this game is to fight on the battlefield in teams so that you can change the battlefield and deal with or receive any kind of beneficial and detrimental effects. An individual has to be keen to fight and finish the game. Each of the moments in the match is very intense, and it has to be your last moment in the game. However, nothing stops the individual from getting better at this battle royal game so everyone can try to be the last one standing. 

Fortnite battle royal

When Epic games saw that pubg became very successful, they wanted to be a part of the battle royal game market. However, they were unaware of how to do it. They have already developed the game and added another mode into this game. The result of this was a fortnite battle royale. This mode made the fortnite game very popular among gamers. Additionally, this made Fortnite a welcome edition from the Epic’s perspective. 

When the game is compared with pubg from a graphical perspective, it is considered more cartoony than that of PUBG. In this gameplay, the players can equip Fortnite guns and destroy everything but the ground to build several structures. Additionally, there is a feature of build fights where the players can duke it all out with the help of creating barriers, towers and walkways. This is an exciting game. That is why it is making rounds in the battle royal world.

Call of duty: Mobile

The call of duty: Mobile is a treat for the fans of call of duty pc. This game is similar to many games, such as PUBG where the players land in a place, and then they choose the best gun and fight against other players. The players have to survive the harsh battlefield by eliminating other players while the zone area gets smaller. This is very nostalgic of the series, and it inspires many gamers to be hooked to this game on their phones due to the mobile version of this game. 

The main reason for the success of this game is mainly due to the mobile community taking the matches seriously. Apart from the millions of downloads of this game, some players are also keen on studying the use of mobile controllers. 

Rules of survival 

After the rise of PUBG, many knockoff games followed suit. One of the knockoffs that became successful was the rules of survival. ROS comes with the same caliber as pubg, and it is an exciting game. One thing that sets it apart from others is that many of their rivals in their earliest days can also be played on mobile devices. This game can be played on IOS or android, which is a pretty fantastic game. However, the overall user experience of this game says that it is worth it. The battle royal games genre in the mobile market is booming, and the rest is history. 

It is also available on steam which is a massive plus for PC users. This game is available for download for free with in-app purchases on the official mobile users. 

ARK: Survival Evolved

This game is taking a break from the gun culture, and it is based on a prehistoric mode where there are dinosaurs. This is a game to play, and one might find it in their bucket list as who doesn’t love to play it. The thing that gives this game an element of PUBG is the survival against 100 players and the teaming up feature of the game. One of the most exciting things about this game is that it is already available on mobile instead of PC and consoles for hundreds of players. 

Civilization VI: Red Death

Games like these let around 100 players combat each other in limited map space. These participants fight each other for resources and weapons and kill each other to victory. The main aim of this game is to take these aspects into their game and spice these things up. This game pits 12 players into a map with a circle that keeps on shrinking. The twist in this game is that you have to kill the squadrons and civilians to become the civilization to be carted off into an orbiting space station. However, this game was initially very sluggish, but the map is enormous. This main mains that an individual will not see the unit of another person until and unless the map shrinks enough. This makes sure that the urgency and the struggle make this game more interesting for the players.

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