Soon, everyone will be able to witness a smartphone known as the tesla smartphone in the market. Tesla is following others in this high-profile and exciting segment. Tesla’s smartphone is special and it should be taken very seriously. This smartphone has been rumored to be called “Model Pi” and it has been in news for many months. 

Specific sources have confirmed that this smartphone will work on mars with the help of Starlink. Tesla has a history of releasing tough and still interesting brand products. They offer products such as a cyber truck, an umbrella, stainless steel whistle, and many more. It seems if they add a tesla smartphone to the mix, it would be something unexpected. 

Rumors regarding tesla phone prices

A phone with all the advancements in tech would cost more than a few thousand dollars. Several versions would result in the prices coming down as people start using this kind of technology. However, this would not be affordable for most people. 

Assuming that this phone is real, the prices are most likely to sit at a rate between $800 to $1200. 

Pre-order information

Before releasing the phone, tesla is going to announce its official release date months before it. There will be relevant information given when there is any kind of pre-order available. 

Tesla phone features

In consideration of the top features of tesla. It is expected that their smartphone will have over-the-top features that no one has ever heard of. 

Here are some of the features that are rumored to be seen in the tesla smartphone:

  • Satellite internet: SpaceX’s space-based internet service, Starlink, has close ties to Tesla. There is a huge potential that tesla could help to finance mars colonialization. 
  • Solar charging: tesla is a manufacturer of solar panels and the idea of solar panels in tesla smartphones is not a far-fetched idea. However, this is an unlikely idea that the phone will only rely on solar. Thus, they can also introduce tesla branded cases that support solar energy
  • Vehicle control: there is a tesla app for phones and they help to perform basic functions such as lock or unlock the car, control media playback, and many other similar functions. This app is most likely to be preinstalled if not built into the system. This will also offer unique features to phone owners of tesla
  • Astrophotography: many of the phones currently use AI and powerful cameras. If they opt for photographing the night, they might likely be able to capture great photos of astronomical objects with the help of SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus. 
  • Cryptomining: musk has been very public about cryptocurrency. And it is assumed that it is most likely that he would embed this ability in his phone. It is rumored that the tesla phones will mine a new coin called MarsCoin. However, there would be some serious hardware-implemented to do so. 

Tesla phone specs and hardware

There are many assumptions about what features the phone might have. However, there is not much information regarding what the phone will have in terms of its hardware. It would have all the standard components such as 1-2 TB of storage, 16GB or more RAM, an AMOLED display, and a screen that is around 6.5 inches. Many design expectations are given on the internet that you can look through. 

Apple-like app store for tesla

Tesla is also working on its apple-like app store that would enable the owners of the electric cars to download and install apps similar to that of Apple or Android smartphones. 

There are many rumors regarding this idea of a new app store and people are determining whether there is any weight to these rumors or not. The rumors have it that they have been working on since may 2021 and it will be announced before the deliveries of their cybertruck. 

If tesla is to introduce an app store, it is most likely to introduce a new facet and create a new revenue stream for the company. This app store can also be embedded in the smartphone for tesla.

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