Today we are going to know about 3D printing advancements. 3D printing is the additive manufacturing of three-dimensional objects layer by layer. The process of 3D printing involves building up layers of material to produce a 3D part. Despite being around for over 30 years, 3D printing technology is still growing. While the additive printing industry is still discovering new applications, new materials, and 3D printers, there is an increase in 3D printing technology. 

Through additive manufacturing, 3D printing uses several processes, equipment, and materials to produce three-dimensional objects. Here are some examples that show how 3D printing is being used in the future and what it holds for the future of technology

  • The 3D printing technology is making rounds and printing rocket-shaped objects. The aerospace industry companies are actually printing rockets with the help of these printers. Companies such as Aerojet Rocketdyne use additive manufacturing for the rocket engine and defense application systems. These companies cite the reduced lead time increased affordability. There are new approaches taken to design as factors in the decision to use additive manufacturing to deliver the people with a hypersonic flight. 
  • On the other hand, additive manufacturing through 3D is given much importance today in the healthcare industry. 3D systems have partnered up with Coll plant, and it is working on printing the artificial intelligence tissues. This is helping with the advancements in regenerative medicine with the help of collagen as a 3D printing substrate. 
  • Additionally, the industry of electric vehicles also has a similar story. The local motors industries is a company that has around 130 employees, and they have already printed a 3D car but they are not making them anymore. However, this has not stopped them, and they are working on printing an urban electric shuttle. This has seen digital design and advancements as a contributing factor. 

The evolving technology 

The experts have believed that there will be a leap in this industry that has facilitated additive manufacturing. These printers are becoming much faster, meaning they will work on larger industrial projects. These additive manufacturing have also made developments in uncontrolled environments that means they can operate in any field. This ensures that it is helpful in remote areas and enables a greater variety of 3D printed structures. 

Advancements in 3D printing also increases versatility in many ways. It uses metals and even ceramics even within the same machines. Additionally, the printers will also print an object that contains multiple materials. This also makes way for widening the field of use. 

Many exciting ways will revolutionize the 3D printing advancements, and it will bring innovation to it:

DIY product prototyping 

The prototyping of the product has always been a barrier in the innovation industry. This is because inventors need more than just dreaming about a particular product. One of the best examples of this would be an individual who started their own business of fidget spinners with the help of 3D printing. This made the use of 3D printing very productive, and the kids at his school all bought the fidget spinners. Thus, DIY product prototyping can highly benefit from this, and people can benefit from it in various ways. 

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is one of the most critical supply chain management tools. It is currently helping the US army enhance their readiness and support the soldiers on their battlefield. Since it relies highly on digital blueprints, the digital thread’s authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity are essential to mitigate the risk and achieve successful outcomes. 

Rare parts replacement 

This is known as metal-based 3D printing. It is considered very helpful as it can help replace rare and discontinued parts for their replacement. Additionally, it has a wide variety of applications. The repair shops can handle a large variety of clientele. Online retailers can print unique parts by providing the products with the help of just in time inventory approaches. 

Automotive prototyping 

3D printing has become a considerable hype for businesses. This has helped with the 3D printing of spare parts in many sectors such as aerospace. Additionally, the healthcare industry has also seen a broad application of 3D printing applications that range from molds in dentistry to prosthetics and 3D printing models to carry out many complex surgeries. 

Prevention of fraud

The 3D printing technology also shows promise in preventing card present fraud, such as point of sale systems and ATMs. For example, the banks are now inclined to use 3D printing and design to produce an ATM component to help with credit card skimming. When digital and physical security meets, 3D printing will play a massive role in creating hardware that will deal and fight with any kind of fraud. 

Customizable solutions 

There is a considerable shift in the market from the one-size-fits towards the more customizable and personalized solutions that have been a significant trend in recent years. 3D printing advancements has made it much easier, and now it is taking things much further. The companies also offer better and greater flexibility according to your own specifications.

Apparel printing

The apparel industry has also seen disruption in the 3D printing advancements. This helps the customers to print their own gloves, belts, glasses, and everything according to their needs, style, and preferences. This creates many co-creation opportunities for the retailers. They can provide the customers with a much more personalized product.

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