Meta coins are another altcoin issued on the ledger or another coin or the cryptocurrency plan. Metaverse is defined as the hypothesised next iteration on the internet, and it has decentralised the persistent online environment. Now the question that arises is what are the best meta coins in 2022, and here is a list of them:

Axie Infinity

This is one of the most popular and the highest generating games built on the blockchain. This is a metaverse project that is a game. The local currency used in this game is AXS token, which is faired at an excellent price. On the other hand, Axie has one of the largest caos in all cryptocurrency markets, and it was coming in over at $5 billion. YTD performance is at -20.91%. This does not seem promising for the investors. However, the coin has started to rise in value again. 

Although this is based on metaverse, there is no inclusion of VR. This is mainly based on blockchain and crypto, giving control to the general public. The game characters of Axie and those Axie are NFTs that the gamers can buy or trade. Additionally, they can breed a new Axie with the help of combining two Axie. Apart from that, virtual real estate can bring more investors who are not just gamers. For example, a plot was recently sold for $2.3 million. 


Sandbox is a cryptocurrency metaverse project that has shown an awe-inspiring performance. The native token of the platform was on the rise since 2021 and has crossed the mark of $1 spot in the last quarter. This has been on the rise since then. 

Due to the VR aspect, this project realises a vision of 2021 in the Metaverse industry. This is a game, but this is not based on creating the trading of NFTs. The upside of this is that the players can create NFT with the help of SAND Metaverse tokens. Similar to many other crypto projects, this one is based on Ethereum. 

One of the significant promising factors is its limited supply of three billion tokens, of which 680 million are in use. The market cap is $3.690 during January 19, 2022. This token has a YTD performance of 462.52%, showing their performance and how they are doing. 

Decentraland (MANA)

When it comes to popularity, decentraland is one of the crypto metaverse projects that has been in the news several times. This was mainly due to the craze of NFT, which led to gaining a robust platform of tokens, MANA. 

Many of the owners of NFT are using this platform to show off their NFT easily. However, the NFTs are not the only thing on this metaverse platform. One of the main features is that an individual can buy virtual land through this, and the name is based on this. 

Sotheby’s luxury goods and art broker also buys virtual land in decentraland. This was used to create replicas of their offices in London. This is an excellent example of how huge companies invest in metaverse projects. 

This came into existence during 2017, and thus, it is one of the older projects that came into existence. Although the performance of MANA hasn’t been something that is much remarkable, it has a market cap of $6 billion as early as 2022. This performance has been 247.45%. 

Highstreet (HIGH)

This is a unique metaverse project that has a lot of potentials. One of the tremendous potentials for this is that you can shop inside the virtual universe using the HIGH currency. Some of the stores on Shopify are already integrated into these gaming platforms. 

This project has already accomplished many things from a real-world or in the case of a meta world. If an individual is an investor, this industry has enormous potential, and it is an excellent option. 

The tech company HTC will back this project in August 2021. It has been seen to raise $5 million. This has a market cap of over $84 million. Since the value has been increased drastically by at least 90%, this is also known for having features such as NFTs on their radar. Additionally, it is up to date with the tech and the crypto trends. 

Floki Inu (FLOKI)

This is a dog meme-based cryptocurrency that has been running viable metaverse crypto. And this is for the people who are looking for an undervalued cryptocurrency. This currency is named after the dog of Elon musk. This is a Shiba Inu which is the name of another crypto dog. 

This project mainly aims to combine the memes with the natural world use case. It is also expected to launch a game and an NFT marketplace. This is a project that is still in the making. However, this has not stopped people from buying FLOKI tokens. This company has no market cap as it was launched in July 2021. However, the coin has seen a staggering 1331.53% increase. 

Somnium space

Do you love a 3D experience? Who does not love a 3D background? Somnium space provides users with a unique 3D avatar as the NFT industry grows drastically. One of the best parts is that every nook and corner can be easily accessed through this. This is a unique project in that it could create scenes based on desires and establish avatars on their land parcel. While a metaverse project is based on a chain of Ethereum, Somnium has resorted towards polygon. 

Cube token is the one that is responsible for fueling this platform, and the players can quickly transfer their assets. If individuals look to diversify their investments, this will be an excellent addition to their portfolio. 


Metaverse has been seen on the rise, and many metaverse projects appear on the left and right. This is a concept deeply rooted in blockchain and crypto, so it is a good idea to invest in some of these projects. Additionally, it seems that there is a considerable buzz of NFT, and it appears to increase over time.

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