The evolution of the food industry started from the bitcoin pizza day and now this is revolutionizing into the metaverse. The cryptocurrencies and the food industry are not the most intuitive kind of pairing. However, it is based on a digital realm and it is rooted on a physical level. However, when we study the history of bitcoin, it was related to food. This day is important in the crypto calendar. In addition, this event is celebrated yearly and the restaurant chains, the crypto firms take advantage of such market opportunities. This is the day when the relationship of crypto was flourished and it set the way for the metaverse. 

Metaverse explained:

Metaverse is the new heaven for many kinds of businesses. In literal words, it is a network of 3D virtual worlds that is focusing on social connections. In order words, it is a massively scaled and interoperable network of the real-time rendered 3D worlds that an unlimited number of users can experience. It gives the users a sense of presence, and the continuity of the data that is identity, history, and payments. 

To better understand this concept, here are some of the properties listed below:

  • Massively scaled
  • Interoperable 
  • Real-time rendered 
  • 3D virtual worlds
  • Synchronous 
  • Persistent 
  • Unlimited number of users
  • The individual sense of presence
  • Continuity of data

The question now arises is when will metaverse arrive completely?

Mark Zuckerberg believes that it will probably arrive by the end of this century. However, speculations have been made that it arrive much sooner as there huge developments made. In addition, the foundational elements for this technology are already in place. Thus, it is expected to arrive much sooner. 

Connecting restaurants and their customers with the metaverse

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming known for the balance and being able to facilitate the direct connection between restaurants and their customers. In blockchain-based restaurants, the customers are provided with user-friendly, and a huge choice of menu options that help the customers and the restaurants to interact freely with each other. This gives the merchants autonomy over the menus and the prices and terms. This is interpreted as the customers can be paid directly without any kind of interruptions from the third parties. 

However, the ecosystem currently is at a fraction of the full potential that it can give. When it will use its full potential then this is where metaverse will pick up its pace. 

Customers having a rich culinary experience

There are some of the restaurants that have already adopted this experience. Chipotle has opened a virtual restaurant for robot players. The users who have already entered the restaurant experienced a spooky and Halloween-themed experience. In addition, they received a promo code for a free burrito in the real world. 

The progression of the food industry into metaverse will be the digitalization of a journey that is already in existence. The restaurants have also been to experience online comments and many people use a trip advisor or google to research about any particular product. Imagine playing video games virtually and seeing ads around the stadium from different restaurants for all the places from which you can eat afterward. Similar to that of a physical stadium. 

As the match finishes, one can take the avatar down to a portion of virtual street food and one can check on various operators and the menus as well. When one is ready to order, one can instantly pay with the help of crypto. The meal arrives after the order in real-life within the given delivery time. 

In addition, one can use virtual tours to book a table for a date and have nice high-end meals. One can choose the venue as well as the table based on their personal preference. It also provides the ability to chat with the chefs regarding the preparation and the ingredients. This gives you a better experience that is a virtual experience but feels much more real. 

Meta verse: the blending of physical and digital worlds

Metaverse can be defined as blending the physical and digital world. In order words, it is making a completely new world through digital means where people can interact freely and virtually. The food companies are using it as an opportunity and they are shifting towards this new technology. In addition, the ingredient companies are also using such technology as AI. The food companies are using social media as well to identify the flavors that are emerging in the market. 

All about food NFTs

I believe that if a chef can cook food of their liking in a restaurant of their choice and the restaurants being able to explore metaverse of their food or making sure that the metaverse of their food is 100% is a very exciting proposition for the customer. In my opinion, food has no boundaries. If the food can travel from kitchen to home. Or from one place to another around the globe then why can’t it be in the metaverse? The food should not be limited and metaverse is a great opportunity to diversify the food to a new level. 

Metaverse and blockchain

Metaverse and blockchain are a whole new world. One can meet people online to completely understand what metaverse is actually. It is explained as the future. And the fact that metaverse can connect an individual with food is a very rare but ingenious idea. 

Identity crisis?

One of the main challenges that they face is the adaptation of new digital technology and the consumer’s demands without the need of sacrificing the true identity of the brand. In addition, not compromise the vision, mission, and original values of the brand. Food companies in the past sold their products to those people who could eat. However, with the changes and the revolutionization in technology, now these companies can sell to people in much more attractive and creative ways.

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