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Rotating Proxies: The Ultimate Guide

September 13, 2022
Rotating Proxies: The Ultimate Guide

What is a Rotating Proxy?

A rotating proxy is a type of proxy that automatically rotates your sent requests among a vast pool of IP addresses whenever you use one. If you choose to take this route, you won’t have to trouble yourself with constructing or keeping up with a proxy rotation structure. Your requests can be sent to the proxy server, which will generate a different proxy for every request you submit, depending on the request type. There is a possibility that your IP address might be blocked if you are using the same one to access the target website. 

It is possible to emulate several different users connecting to an online service or website, using a rotating proxy instead of multiple requests coming from a single user. As a result, it is possible to scrape your target data effectively regardless of even the most sophisticated anti-bot systems. The most likely scenario is that even if one IP address is prohibited, you will most likely be able to establish a connection using a different IP address on your subsequent attempt. 

It is advisable to use a rotating proxy server in order to mask your IP address from external websites in order to improve your privacy. This service conceals your true location and identity in the real world, which is vital for maintaining your online privacy and anonymity. It allows you to hide behind multiple IP addresses at a time, rather than using a single anonymized IP address with each request, allowing you to hide behind a variety of IP addresses at a time.

Rotating proxies are perfect for web scraping operations that require you to run many requests at once in order to scrape information. The website cannot detect any fraudulent activity because the proxy uses multiple IP addresses, which is why the proxy is able to use multiple IP addresses. In addition, due to the fact that the loads are dispersed across a number of servers, they can be used by businesses that have a high load or traffic. Due to the fact that IP addresses change frequently, it is also possible to extend the limits on the web according to this.

It is possible to implement the rotating proxy strategy using datacenter proxies as well as residential proxies. The latter is, of course, more effective. However, using rotating proxies with either will substantially increase your success rate when using web scraping or similar applications that work with web scraping.

How does the Backconnect proxy work?

In order to handle large numbers of requests, Backconnect proxies are a convenient solution. Basically, it combines the pool of IP addresses from the preceding list with the management of proxy servers. With Backconnect, you do not have to manually route your requests through several proxy servers, as you do with ordinary proxies, which require you to route all requests through just one proxy server network. It then assigns you a functioning IP address based on the information you provide. When your IP address gets banned, you’ll get a new one, and then another, and so on until you get a new IP address. It’s simple to utilize as a user.

Datacenter vs. Residential Rotating Proxies

There are several ways in which proxies can be classified. There are a number of options available when it comes to anonymity, access, and origin. In order for a web scraping task to be successful, the third element is of the utmost importance. There are two types of proxy servers in this sense: those that are data centers and those that are residential. Let us examine each one of them separately in order to gain a better understanding of them.

Rotating Datacenter Proxies 

The term “data center” refers to a large cluster of servers that are connected via networks and have large storage capacities, as well as the infrastructure to support them. In these facilities, as one might expect, there are data center proxies which are located. Proxy service can be obtained by setting up a virtual server, downloading an operating system, installing specialized software that allows you to configure IP addresses as proxies, and then setting the virtual server as a proxy server.

To ensure effective data center proxy deployments, it is crucial to find the right balance between servers and IPs. There are many IP addresses that can be accessed by a server, but each of them will add to the server’s overhead. The server’s value will eventually diminish to the point where you’ll need to create a new one after the server’s value has diminished. The majority of developers prefer renting or purchasing proxies from specialized organizations because juggling servers and IP addresses can be a laborious process.

Neither the IP addresses nor the Internet Service Providers are linked to any of these addresses. It is more likely that you are working with the owner of the data center, or with a third party that has the capability of setting up proxies and distributing them to clients through the storage space. There are rotating datacenter proxy servers that can be used to access and scrape most websites. Due to the fact that each new request is being made from a different IP address, it is difficult to track and block the scraper remotely.

Residential Rotating Proxy

I would like to begin by explaining what residential IP is in order to understand rotating residential proxy better. IP addresses assigned to residential devices are associated with a single residence and are assigned to a single device. As a result, a residential IP address is not just an IP address but an IP address that can be associated with a real person or device. Despite the fact that residential IP addresses are still held by the ISP and allocated to consumers, they must pass a significantly greater level of scrutiny than those in data centers. It has resulted in an increase in the trust of online businesses and websites as a result. 

The operation of residential proxies is similar to that of commercial proxies, apart from that. In the event you use one, you will connect to the internet through an intermediary server, which will assign you a new IP address when you connect to the internet. It appears to third parties that the IP address is totally legitimate, and it is associated with the IP address of a real person in the real world, which makes it seem completely legitimate.

Rotating residential proxy servers are used to reach a wide range of residential IP addresses in a complex network. Your residential IP address is assigned to you on a regular basis or each time that you connect to the internet. 

If a website employs a stringent anti-bot policy, then rotating proxies might be worthwhile instead of residential proxies, which might be costly. In recent years, more and more internet companies are taking action against users who use conventional virtual private networks (VPNs) and data center proxy servers to circumvent their geo-blocking and anti-bottling measures. There is a possibility that some of the IP addresses specified in the pool may be known to the anti-bottling solution, which could have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the scraping tool as a whole.


In order to maintain their anonymity on the Internet, a great deal of effort is put into doing so. For people who value privacy and security online, anonymity is an ideal solution for them. When it comes to your company’s case, the stakes are a lot higher than they are for others. The firm may need to access a variety of social media platforms and websites in order to collect data or to provide assistance to your clients. 

Proxy servers offer excellent features such as anonymity as well as privacy. Nevertheless, websites are hard at work strengthening their detection and blocking systems in order to prevent proxy-like behaviors from taking place on their websites. It is very important to rotate your proxy server frequently to ensure that your proxy does not access that same website several times in a short period of time. By using this method, you can achieve a significant improvement in the efficiency of your internet usage, while protecting it from being detected by the security software.

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