Augmented reality trends are changing the way we live

Augmented reality trends are changing the way we live

There are many Augmented Reality trends that have been seen in the past few years. One of the most significant changes is the increasing use of augmented reality in businesses. More and more companies are using Augmented Reality to train their employees and to showcase their products. Additionally, the education sector is also beginning to use augmented reality to create more immersive and interactive learning experiences. Another trend that has been gaining traction is the use of Augmented Reality for marketing purposes. Many brands are now using Augmented Reality to create interactive experiences that allow customers to try out products before they buy them. Lastly, social media platforms are also beginning to incorporating Augmented Reality into their offerings. For example, Snapchat has introduced filters that use Augmented Reality to change the user’s appearance. These are just some of the ways in which Augmented Reality is changing the world as we know it.

Augmented reality has a significant effect on many industries. It has a considerable impact on retail, gaming, and the entertainment industry. Additionally, it has brought improvements in the digital arena since the beginning of the pandemic. More people are inclined towards working, learning, and into other activities. 

The AR industry has sped up the process of innovation, and it is bringing fast growth in these industries. Some of the trends that have changed the lives are as follow:

Remote video collaboration and face filters:

Due to the pandemic, daily activities have huge effects as everything has become remote. The many major tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft has allowed people to work from home. This has become a trend this year and will continue indefinitely for a considerable period. 

Many technology companies such as Zoom, Google, and Microsoft have introduced a conferencing app, which became one of the significant popularity in 2020. Additionally, there were around 62 million downloads just only in March. Working and studying in a remote environment made many people uncomfortable with their physical appearance, which was proved through research. At the same time, many other people felt the “zoom fatigue” from being on a video call for a considerable time. 

The use of virtual backgrounds and face touch-ups is becoming increasingly popular, as people look for ways to improve their video calling experience. Augmented Reality (AR) technology is providing new solutions that make video calls more interactive and enjoyable. Additionally, AR can help to keep an individual’s privacy at a very high level. Virtual backgrounds can be used to change the appearance of a person’s surroundings, while face touch-ups can be used to improve the person’s appearance in different ways. This trend is likely to continue as AR technology becomes more advanced and accessible.

The rise in AR-powered E-learning platforms:

This sector has also seen a massive boom due to the increasing need for E-learning globally. Online learning platforms and virtual classrooms are helping students to learn new things from a distance. With the help of advancements in technology, the students can use AR experiences such as a 3D life-size model. This will help the students to learn through hovering their phone or tablet over an object. 

AR is one of the most beneficial and entertaining technologies that has been recently employed in the educational field. It WOWs the students by providing them with lively 3D images and videos of the lesson’s subject matter which they can view from every angle. The best thing about this technology is that it breaks the fourth wall, so to speak, and makes learning fun and interactive instead of tedious. This is turn, helps the teachers explain several methods more easily to the users who are always interested in learning due to many advancements in this technology. Some minds are just better suited for a more hands-on approach and that is where AR comes into play by providing an immersive experience which can deeply engage learners. It should come as no surprise then, that there have been many recent Augmented Reality trends in education as well as other sectors.

AR-powered short video content 

Due to the pandemic, there has been an explosion of short video content that includes shorts, Instagram reels, Tiktok, Snapchat spotlight and Thriller. This has helped people share their lives’ daily updates with their friends and relatives. To make videos more engaging, video editing software’s are used to augment the AR features such as lenses, virtual backgrounds and many face filters. Many businesses such as Walmart have also opted for using short video content to help them demonstrate the latest products of the potential customers. They are also providing the users to try these products virtually with the help of technology. 

Additionally, TikTok has also become a considerable part of short video content, which has sparked interest in e-commerce. The companies are promoting their product with the help of TikTok shortly. 

AR in virtual live streams 

AR has been a major buzzword in the tech industry for the past few years, and 2020 was no different. A number of businesses got creative with the concept of augmented reality and live streaming, using it to communicate with customers and let them know what they had to offer. The prevalence of live streaming also led to a number of Augmented Reality trends emerging, such as the use of filters and virtual backgrounds. As we move into 2021, it will be interesting to see how these trends develop and whether AR will continue to gain popularity.

There is an increase in the virtual products, and these were personal and public-facing in these virtual events. The participants can join from anywhere around the world without leaving their locations. There is much positive effect of the AR technology to live stream in many events demonstrated by many cosmetic companies such as Estee Lauder, which has used live stream shopping. Additionally, virtual try-on technology has increased their digital sales by 60% during this pandemic. 

Rise of AR avatars in live streaming

Due to privacy reasons, new technology has emerged in this society known as AR avatars. This helps with more personalized and unique communications and protects the privacy of individuals. 

Japan has around 4000 virtual Youtubers. Instead of facing the camera themselves, they opt for the digital version of themselves in the form of an avatar to show their digital versions. Additionally, they use twitch as a form of the online streaming platform, and you can take advantage of virtual makeovers with the AR effects of snaps. This has given them a much more creative way to stream. 

Final thoughts

With the changes that are seen in this world, the use of augmented reality will set a new trend in this environment. Businesses can adopt these trends and help the users in AR technology. It should be noted that AR should not be limited to Snapchat filters or Pokémon Go. Additionally, this is software that can be seen in every area worldwide. It is also implemented in the educational environment, work, the healthcare industry and entertainment. This helps the businesses to adopt competitive advantages.

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Augmented reality technology: 6 incredible examples

Augmented reality technology: 6 incredible examples

Augmented reality is a real version of the physical world that helps to use technology with the help of digital elements. It provides multi stimuli such as visual, sound, and other similar sensory stimuli. This has become a huge trend among companies and this is involved in mobile computing as well as business applications. 

There are two different types of technology that can be seen in the business environment. One is AR and the other one is VR. The AR technology is considered to be a real-world setting. On the other hand, VR is known to be something that is completely virtual. The VR uses a headset device. However, AR can be accessed through the smartphone of an individual. 

AR was created to enhance the experience of an individual, which is done through computer-generated inputs. This is usually used by companies and realtors to promote their products and services through launching novel marketing campaigns and collecting unique data for users. 

Some of the examples of augmented reality are analyzed and described in-depth:

Pizza hut 

The basic functionality of this was to play PAC man with the pizza boxes from the pizza hut. One can simply scan the QR code and this would redirect them to the website known as Due to the advancements in augmented reality, the characters appear and you can play in 3D while enjoying your pizza. 

Augmented reality has made it easier to enhance the value of the packaging that is otherwise of no use. The packaging is the identity of any brand and augmented reality creates an association of the customer with the packaging. This in turn creates or builds the loyalty of the customers to the brand. This creates a unique experience for the customer and motivates them to make more purchases from their brand. 

Korean baseball organization

During the new season of the baseball championship, an augmented reality dragon appeared in the stadiums of South Korea. To see that dragon, the users had to point their phones towards the stadium. In addition, they could observe the dragon spitting fire, flying, scuffing the structure of the stadium live from their phones and their TV. 

It is determined that augmented reality provides a unique experience and a memorable souvenir for the people. In the future, the other sports club can adopt this trend and propose a service with this. Sports events face huge competition from other media, using digital technology helps them to compete in such harsh environments easily. It is important to suggest sensations that will help to attract customers to the stadium. Augmented reality helps to carry this trick which is very interesting for the live audience. In addition, a new audience can also be attracted who is looking for entertainment for multi-sensory events. Thus, it will create better use of technology in the entertainment industry and sports industry. 


Adidas is a global brand and they adopted augmented reality by enabling people to try on new pairs of shoes using augmented reality. To do it, the users will open the application and try the lens. Then, the user is projected into the Adidas laboratory. Then, they point towards their feet and see the selected pair of shoes and how they appear on their foot. In addition, it is also possible to change the color in real-time as well. 

This service is very beneficial and it is considered to be a time saver for the consumers. It allows the consumers to instantly know a pair and identify the perfect pair of shoes and the color match. In addition, the advantage of this is that one doesn’t have to remove and try new pair of shoes again and again. This is a cost-effective method. Also, there is a huge fun aspect to this technology as well. This service is going to become a must for every individual shortly. 

Burger king

Another fast-food chain burger king has been using this technology uniquely and distinctively. Burger king is burning the ads of their competitors via the burger king app. All that you have to do is stand in front of an ad, then go to the burger king app and press a button. Through this, the burger king app burns the ad and instead puts their ad up there. 

This is an ingenious idea and one can easily get caught up in this game. Burger King is building the loyalty of their customers and this is a unique way of doing so. In addition, they are offering free whooper to anyone who uses this app. Thus, the guerrilla marketing strategy seems to be successful. 


Lego has made AR technology in a very interesting way. They have introduced an AR way where one can see ghosts appear. Once the construction of lego is complete, this experience is extended through seeing ghosts via the application. In addition, ectoplasms are captured through this app and the puzzles are solved and treasures are to be found. 

This is a very unique and interesting marketing idea that helps and pushes the customers to buy lego. This motivates them to build the lego and also discover what augmented reality is offering them. The experience is not limited to the construction of the lego but instead, it extends far beyond it. This offers the host a ton of opportunities concerning the marketing of this product. 


They have the feature of using filters in real-time. As soon as an individual opens an Instagram camera, tons of filters appear. You just have to select them to perceive yourself with the filters. This is seen every day on social networking sites and these filters have become a more widespread form of augmented reality. Brands are using filters to test their cosmetics and social networks are used as a medium of marketing them. This also helps to increase the outreach of these brands.

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Apple’s “Reality OS”: Potential VR/AR headset?

Apple's "Reality OS": Potential VR/AR headset

It has been rumoured that Apple will launch their virtual or augmented reality headset that may be called reality OS. This term was mainly spotted during the GitHub open source code and the apple store upload log. There was a tweet seen by Rens Verhoeven, an IOS developer that is quoted as “What is Apple’s realityOS doing in the App Store upload logs,”

Bloomberg Mark Gurman first reported this existence as ros in 2017. This has been reported as an Oak at apple. Apple had purchased the VR company in VRvana during 2017, and it was suggested that they would be focusing on this technology. 

It seems that the virtual and augmented reality technologies have been seen, and Apple has been researching this technology for almost 20 years. 


Apple is an AR/VR set that is on the market. This features a design that is somewhat similar to Facebook Oculus Quest. Several design details have been revealed in the rumours, and the prototype of what has been expected can be seen. 

This headset seems to use lightweight fabrics that can measure or ensure a comfortable fit. This is described as a sleek fit with a curved visor attached to the mesh material and swappable headbands. There are many renders created that fit this description. A band is in the back made from the same material as the apple watch. Besides that, a soft mesh attached will help and feel comfortable against the face. The headbands are also swappable and come with size adjustment options.

One of the headbands is alleged to have spatial audio just like the air pods Pro for surround sound-like experience. Additionally, it provides a better life that will go a long way. This headset will help to respond to eye movement and hand gestures. This is one of the headsets prototypes that will feature a physical dial on the visor’s side. 

This design is known to block out any peripheral vision that will prevent the light from leaking into the wearer’s view. It is most likely possible that there will be an outward-facing visor that shows graphics to others. The current headset prototypes weigh around 200 to 300 grams if the technical problems are solved. This will make it much lighter than any existing VR device. 


It is rumoured that it will have around two or three displays. There will be around two high resolutions 4K OLED displays with up to 3000 pixels per inch. Sony is expected to supply the display modules that Apple can use. 

It is also expected that there might also be a third AMOLED display that will be of lower quality. This can be used for peripheral vision, where a much lower resolution will not affect the quality. 

Additionally, Apple will be using pancake lenses to help with thin and lightweight designs. The pancake lens is much more expensive than the Fresnel lens technology used for other VR headsets. However, this will result in a much thinner device. Due to the close fit of the headset to the face, the users will not wear glasses. Thus, there will be options for any prescription lenses inserted into the screen. 


This headset is expected to feature more than a dozen optical cameras that will help track hand movements, map the environment, and project visual experiences. There will be eight cameras that can be used for see-through augmented reality experiences for the users. Additionally, there will be another six other modules used for the innovative matrices. It is also expected that there will be one camera mainly for environmental detection. A set of eyes will read small type and see the people standing in front of and behind the virtual objects. This headset is unique, as it will map all the surfaces, edges and dimensions in the room with accuracy. 

Control methods

Apple is exploring several input methods that include their AR/VR headsets, consisting of hand gestures, eye tracking, and input of the wearable devices connected to the headsets. This advancement in the eye-tracking system helps and provides a very intuitive visual experience that allows interacting without any hassle in the external environment. This is also known for controlling eye movement. 

There will also be a 3D sensing module to detect the hand gestures and the nearby objects for spatial detection, and the headset will feature any voice control and support and Siri commands. This will also be beneficial in terms of detecting skin and monitoring expressions. 

Operating system “reality OS.”

This headset is expected to run on the reality OS system, which means the reality operating system. The hints for this name are to be found in the source code of apple. Apple also wants to create an app store focused on gaming, streaming of the video contents, and video conferencing. It can be described as an all-encompassing 3D environment. 

When we facetime someone, one might see a 3D memoji character version of them instead of their natural face. This headset will also read the expressions and the features that will match that are happening in real-time. Additionally, this is expected to integrate with the existing technology of apple. Thus, there are a lot of rumours regarding this headset. It is expected to bring future technology into existence, and Apple is making sure to do that with their high-end research.

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Augmented reality in the automotive industry

Augmented reality in the automotive industry

Augmented reality has now set its foot on the escalator, and they are speedily moving towards the automotive industry with this technology. Currently, Virtual Reality is showcasing the features of vehicles through the internet. This technology has helped the customers take virtual car test drives and experience this technology. 

The features embedded through augmented reality will be the future of the automotive industry. The concept of virtual and augmented reality is a concept that is separate from the reality of the world. 

Augmented reality is integrating in this industry. They are implementing AR into cars without the awareness of users.

Automatic stop

This feature is being implemented in many cars these days. The vehicles have an automatic stop feature when there is any risk of threats. It can also be detected when the car is in reverse mode. The vehicles detect threats such as animals, persons, or other vehicles. The vehicles are programmed to react to any problem automatically. The results have shown that there are much lesser accidents and injuries observed. This indicates that virtual intelligence is in charge of this, not the human behind the wheel. 

Speed limit sensors

Some cars can track the speed of the car. The speedometers are nothing new. However, the latest technology is based on picking up the speed limit in every area where one is driving. 

Changing the speed limit is not uncommon. However, when the driver enters a new area or place, this technology will inform the driver regarding the changes in speed limit and their regulations. 

Safer navigation through AR

Some cars have navigations embedded into their vehicle for a safer drive. The camera in front of the vehicle will send footage regarding the front of the vehicle, and an interactive arrow will appear. This will have a natural world environment, showing the driver when and where to turn. This also helps to navigate if the driver needs to switch their lanes or not. 

It is reactive enough that it aligns with the natural environment of the driver. This will also show a floating symbol when things are about 30 feet away. This will warn the driver regarding departure warnings or highlight active car driving, adaptive cruise control mode, and similar features. 

Many advancements are also made in technology to detect objects and get better information regarding the surroundings. This technology will take radar and raw camera data and perform sensor fusion to help the driver better. 

Lane guidance 

Some cars use these capabilities to help put safety features in the vehicles. The lane guidance features help the driver to understand lane navigation. It is a beneficial feature when the lane is not adequately visible at night. This is a graphical overlay that depicts the route and the vehicles. It includes determining the data in the environment and knowing about the cars in front of you. It generates the line data based on the data in the background and a global positioning system. 

Front and rear cameras

Some accidents happen on the roads, and other accidents also occur in the parking lot. This new AR technology helps, limiting the potential for massive accidents and minor accidents. The cameras that are located around the car have sensors throughout the vehicle. 

When the car detects any threat, it instantly results in an accident or any beep. The vehicle is programmed to do so, and it helps the driver in a better way to avoid any risks. Additionally, it has a screen with a dashboard that allows the drivers to visualize their turning radius and see all the areas around it. This helps the driver see all the regions and limit any accidents. This allows the driver greatly and saves them the risk of any significant or minor accident. 

Smart displays

This is a very modern feature made a standard feature in the cars. It is a form of automotive safety feature for AR. This helps the driver with the mileage, level of fuels, oil life, tire pressure and any other element that could affect the driving experience. 

The augmented reality features are integrated into many cars, and they are believed to be the technology of the future. It has also revolutionized the automotive industry and changed everything. In order words, this is what future cars will look like. 

AR helping technicians make repairs

Many high-end cars such as Porche have adopted augmented reality to help their technicians make the repairs. This technology uses partners smart glasses with a software platform that aid in rehabilitation. These glasses include a LED light that will shine on tough to see spaces and magnify the areas. The areas that require finer details are the ones that are usually stretched, and porche rolled out their technology in 2018. 

AR windshield

The automotive manufacturers are not the only ones getting into AR, but the other companies such as Apple are also dipping their hands into this technology. This windshield is known to integrate with the technology of Apple, such as through FaceTime and iPhone capabilities. This helps with in-car video conferencing. 

The windshield had the technology to facilitate video calls or any other form of communication while waiting to reach any destination. If the patent allows the driver to connect to the windshield with an iPhone, it will provide the driver with a larger map view using the GPS feature of the phone. 

Driving experience with AR

In the future, when self-driving becomes a standard part of our lives, AR will allow the passengers to engage with the vehicle’s surroundings. One might drive through churches or lakes or any beautiful place. We can interact with this place with our touch screen and get a different level of interaction just with the help of this technology. The information can also be projected on the touch screen.

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How augmented reality could impact the future?

How augmented reality could impact the future?

Augmented reality 

To understand how augmented reality could impact the future, it is important to understand what augmented reality is. Augmented reality is an interactive experience. It uses an enhances version of the real-world experiences. It is due to the digital visual experiences with elements, sounds, and sensory experiences. This possible due to technology.  This is becoming more of a trend in the future and many companies are investing in this technology. Many businesses are using it in mobile computing as well as business applications.

Augmented reality gives the user a much more visual and sensory output regarding things. This is becoming a new trend for the future. To make AR technology useful and use it to its full potential. It is acts as a platform that is hosting a variety of apps and services that are powered by augmented reality. 

Future uses of augmented reality

Many developments are there in the field of augmented reality. It is implemented into the devices that is used by us such as smartphones. Thus, everything that we are currently doing on our smartphones can be possible with the use of augmented reality. There are some of the AR devices available such as AR glasses. However, future AR devices are to be much more advanced than this. The motion gesture technology is most likely to improve instead of going through the hassle of typing your address in the GPS. You will be able to point towards a location and the directions will automatically pop up. There will be many industries that are going to adopt augmented reality. The world will look much more different than it looks today. 

Future of augmented reality in fashion and retail

Often, we walk past a store and instantly fall in love with that item. However, sometimes this item is expensive and we are unable to purchase it. This becomes a constant hassle in our minds. In addition, you worry regarding this item might not look good on you. This is the reason that in the future, many brands will include an AR functionality. This will allow an individual to point their camera towards it. And obtain all the information that is necessary about it. In addition, you will also be able to get the AR images of the models wearing those clothes or shoes. This will help the consumers to make a smart decision. They will be doing it without even going inside the store or from a distance. 

In addition, the retail industry has already implemented certain types of augmented reality technology. Such as Sephora has implemented an app that lets potential customers try all kinds of lipsticks with the help of the front camera. Thus, this industry is adopting augmented reality at a very fast pace. It is not long before every retail and fashion industry will adopt such type of technology. 

Future of augmented reality in fashion 

In the old times, children used to have a lot of textbooks, loose-leaf papers, posters, and many other physical print materials. With the help of AR, all the educational materials will become interactive., digital, and available to the students at any time. This can give people and give them access to education. In adddition, offer them a higher level of interactions and learning of lessons will be conducted in a game-type format. 

In addition, there will be no longer the need for a field trip or a trip to the museum as all of this will come towards you. Thus, it is most likely that will revolutionize the educational process and bring education in a more advanced way. 

Future of augmented reality in healthcare

The healthcare industry is revolutionizing with the help of AR technology.

It will help in the following ways:

  • Consumer Education: the AR is helping the patients with understanding the benefits and the risks, that is associated with visual demonstrations and consumer scanning functionalities. Many of the companies such as Pfizer are taking advantage of AR with the help of a service called Blipper that will help to relieve a finder tool and the patients can use it with their line of thermacare products. 
  • Assisting doctors: This is helping the doctors to create a serious simulation of gaming regarding how a procedure should be carried out. This helps the medical students to have a very intuitive representation of the human body 
  • Medication sales: the competition between the drug makers has severe and the slightest advantage can lead to the sales. If any salesperson needs to grab the attention of a doctor, they can use AR to demonstrate the positive effects of any drug. 

Covid 19 is one of the major healthcare issues these days, AR can be used to educate the patients, and it will help to increase the adherence of the patients towards the treatment and the prevention of the COVID-19. This will also increase the quality of the care and ease the overall burden on the healthcare system. In addition, since there is a search for COVID-19, AR can be used to educate the patients regarding how vaccines work. 

Augmented reality in future

AR has been deeply rooted in the everyday life of an individual. Many industries have been adopting AR, and it is rushing to harness the benefits. It is expected that in the longer run, mundane tasks will become obsolete in the future. The offices will not exist in the future and your workspaces, meeting, computers. It will be accessible from anywhere around the world. This will eliminate the need to commute. To make AR work properly, it is important to have access to suitable processors a feasible display or monitor. In addition, there are several different types of sensors and other input options. If the marketers creatively use AR technology, then it is most likely that this will create a meaningful experience for the customers.

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Augmented reality trends are changing the way we live

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Top 6 Major Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends In 2022

Top 6 Major Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends In 2022

Virtual and augmented reality trends are increasing becoming a part of the world. Due to the tales of the science fiction, television series, movies, etc. The creative minds in the 1950s introduced these technologies in the form of imagination. According to Statista, the augmented and virtual reality is growing by $143 billion in the coming years. This article sheds some light on the major augmented and virtual reality trends in 2022. AR / VR market is most likely to grow more than 8 times than it is currently and this is going to increase hugely in the next 5 years. This is one of the fastest-growing industries and it includes many things such as wearables and smartphones. 

Evolving of the Mobile Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality or virtual reality in mobile phones is one of the centers of attention. This technology and many of the users opt for AR-capable smartphones. Mobile devices are very portable and anyone can bring them into any space or area. There are new sources developed that is a new trend for augmented reality for its growth and development. The latest of the apple kit the ARkit 5 offers significant enhancements that involve motion trackers, face tracking. The location anchors help with providing enhanced AR-based navigation solutions. Apart from that, Google also introduced the ARcore that provides recording as well as playback APIs. This helps the developers to record the video footage with the help of AR metadata. 

Several trends are seen in 2022 and there is a list of these trends given below:

  1. Industrial use of outpacing and gaming entertainment 

There are games that use AR technology such as the game Pokémon go. Using this technology, VR is making many improvements in the gaming industry and XR gaming is increasing these days. XR gaming helps to bring the real-world elements and the virtual elements together to create an interactive 3D experience for people. VR is making it easy to help people access. 

  1. Headsets will become more affordable

The AR and the VR headsets producers faces huge challenges, the small players are also facing challenges, and they are in the position to offer less expensive headsets. This is somewhat of a similar trend that is seen in the mobile phone industry. Similarly, there are high-end and entry-level smartphones in the market that help to cater to every budget. Similarly, it will also create a better industry for the headsets. 

  1. AR/VR will create work from home more connected

It seems that during covid-19, the work from home is becoming more and more a part of the general life. Companies have been more inclined towards making work from home more convenient and creating meaningful interactions between people. They are implementing AR and VR technology to make communications and collaborations accessible and this helps the employees to believe that they are in the same space and together with each other. This helps to create a better work environment. 

  1. Augmented shopping becoming a norm for social media networks

Social shopping and augmented reality are becoming one of the best combinations that one could imagine. According to some of the reports, the augmented shopping is experiencing a CAGR of 47.1% from 2020 to 2027.  

In addition, according to the Shopify findings, the conversion rate for products that have AR/VR content has a 94% higher conversion rate as compared with the static or the 2D interactions. Thus, it is said that shopping on social media through the AR/VR trends is rising and is a huge trend for 2022. 

  1. 360-degree marketing 

Although, the 360-degree videos are not exactly a true VR experience. However, they are easier to create and share. Thus, many brands use this as their marketing strategy. In addition, the brands are keen on using technology to market their strategy. This helps the users to keep their attention focused on a product. The immersive videos is bringing revolutionization in this industry. The consumers are easily accessing all kinds and types of content, the content is highly encouraged by the consumers. 

  1. Investments in Metaverse

Meta verse was a buzzword in the year 2021, as the business name of Facebook is changed to meta. It was also announced to diversify their products and services, since then this world is hugely buzzing. 

Metaverse is known to become a world that has its rights and businesses can interact through the use of virtual avatars. Thus, it is important to focus on AI, 3D modeling, and 5G. This helps to make Metaverse become a trend in the future.  

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Virtual and augmented reality is one of the technologies that have the highest growth potential. According to the latest forecasts, the investment in this industry is going to multiply by 21 folds in the coming years.

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