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Head forward positions frequently cause the cervical spine’s shape to deteriorate, which in turn affects how well it functions. The biomechanical stress caused by the loss of the normal neck curve can have far-reaching implications on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, nerves, and blood vessels that are linked with it.

We now understand that the long hours spent using a computer, smartphones, and other devices, as well as accidents, have a harmful impact on the entire body as ergonomics has become a widespread phrase.

Here are some techniques you may use to not only reduce neck curves but also to restore a healthy neck curve that individuals sometimes lose as a result of behaviors using electronic devices.

Improving Your Spines Condition through work

Your spine is less prone to develop this problem if it is robust and healthy.

  •         You need to engage in enough lower back and abdominal-focused exercise to do this.
  •         Your upper body, especially your neck, is supported by strong core muscles.

Regularly visit a chiropractor

This assists in maintaining good spinal alignment, preventing the onset of text neck. Additionally, frequent chiropractic visits are an excellent way to catch problems early and prevent them from getting worse.

Chiropractic adjustment won’t always correct an irregular neck curve, it can help you address the root cause of your cervical spine’s misalignment.

This posture typically develops by constantly hunching forward to something, such as a computer or a mobile device, which over time causes your vertebra to misalign. Chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial in this situation. Spinal manipulations can:

Reduce Nerve Pinches And Muscle Spasms-Related Pain

Pins and needles or a burning sensation might be signs of a nerve or group of nerves in the body that are being stretched, constricted, or crushed. Chiropractors may utilize a range of treatments, including manual manipulation, physiotherapy, and flexion distraction, to relieve inflammation and relieve pressure on the spine in the case of pinched nerves and muscle spasms.

Can Fix Misalinglement

Neck subluxation makes it harder to move your neck, reduces blood supply to the area, and prevents your nerves from sending accurate signals.

Loosen The Cervical Vertebrae In The Neck’s Joints

The stiffness of your neck’s joints can occasionally cause neck discomfort.  Chronic stress, including bad posture, tissue damage, and scarring from trauma including whiplash, are the main causes of this. Both of these result in neck discomfort, however, chiropractic adjustments can assist your neck’s normal motion to be restored, which can ease the pain.

Keep the Device At Eye Level

Thus, you are prevented from bending your head forward Even phone holders worn around the neck eliminate the requirement to hold the device when using it at eye level..If you don’t have that, consider setting it up on a table so you can look directly at it rather than down at it.

Take Regular Breaks From Using Your Computer Or Gadget

You should at least take pauses throughout the day if you must use your phone or computer continuously owing to your job or for any other reason. This at least relieves the strain of having your neck bent forward all day. If you’re at work, a little break from the computer every hour or so should be plenty. Since you spend a lot of time sitting at work, take advantage of your free time to exercise more and give your neck a rest.

Ensure That Your Workstation Is Ergonomic

Setting up an ergonomic desk is an excellent method to battle and avoid text necks. You should at least make it comfy for your body as you spend most of your time there.


  •         Sit on the edge of your seat to begin doing this.
  •         Your feet should be pointed outward at a 45-degree angle and your legs should be hip-width apart.
  •         Keep your palms facing front and let your arms rest lightly at your sides.
  •         Lay your head flat against your shoulders.
  •         Inhale deeply five to ten times.
  •         Perform this for a minute or two for every hour you spend at your work.

Cervical Range Of Motion

  •       Flex your chin to your chest (flexion) • Aim your gaze upward (extension)
  •         Bend both of your shoulders toward your ears (lateral flexion)
  •         Rotate your chin to both sides of your shoulders. • Continue until you feel a limitation, but do not go any farther. Don’t push the action.
  •         Hold it for five to ten seconds.
  •         Repeat these six ranges two or three times daily.

Utilize The Cervical Roll

  •         Your neck needs rest if your job forces you to spend the entire day in front of a computer or if you spend most of the day on your phone. If not, your curve will become flattened or reversed. You may use a cervical roll to give your neck a break and reestablish a healthy curvature.
  •         Roll a hand towel lengthwise, then tighten the roll by securing it with a rubber band or piece of duct tape.
  •         Place the roll at the base of your neck while lying on your back on a level surface.
  •         If your head is being supported, slide the roll lower down your spine since your neck will naturally curve around it.
  •         Take a 15- to 30-minute break.


Now that our essay has come to a close, everyone can agree that neck discomfort is a major issue. If it is not properly addressed, it can lead to other issues, including migraines and recurrent headaches. You may, however, approach the issue in a variety of ways. If you experience neck discomfort as a result of an unhealthy curvature, don’t give up. To restore it to its original position, you must be persistent and patient. Keep in mind that this situation did not develop overnight and that it cannot be resolved in the same manner. 

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