How much time does it take to become ripped?  It takes two to three years to significantly reduce body fat, to be more accurate. However, six to twelve months is a realistic amount of time to wait to have a ripped body. Aiming for a four-year timeframe will yield more precise findings. Even though we all want to see results as soon as possible, the most crucial factor to consider when predicting how long it would take to become ripped is keeping a healthy lifestyle.


The diet and the amount of time needed to get lean should not be antagonistic. Muscle growth depends on diet, and increasing physical activity also helps. Additionally, you ought to stay away from processed and fatty meals. Your body and physique may alter drastically with even little dietary and lifestyle modifications.

The following proteins can be included in your diet:

  • Fishes
  • Egg
  • Grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

You’ll stay motivated and prevent boredom by mixing up your routine. 


Understanding that fat is just your body’s stored energy is the first step to building a lean physique. By consuming fewer calories, you may burn the fat in your body and get lean.  Whatever your objective, gaining muscle and decreasing fat is essential for shedding pounds and gaining lean muscle. Faster and simpler fat reduction may result from a diet rich in protein and good fats. You’ll quickly be on your way to a ripped body if you stick to this advice.

  • Workout to gain muscle 
  • Consume protein
  • Portion management
  • Sleep cycling

Body Fat Percentage:

It takes six to twelve months of consistent training and dieting to get ripped. But it can take a lot longer if you’re not in great shape to begin with. A man’s average body fat is 24 percent, but a woman is 31 percent. How much body fat you have played a big role in how much weight you lose. A flat stomach is required to begin lean bulking. Measure yourself to see how much muscle mass you need to add. To guarantee you don’t overlook any important details, it would be great if you took precise measurements of your physique.

Body Composition:

You’ll want to know how long it takes to build muscle mass if you’re a high school boy looking to get ripped. Your body weight will determine your response to this inquiry. It might take fourteen to sixteen weeks to lose one pound of fat per week on average.

The right food is essential for a slim body, even though this is not always feasible. For a toned physique, a diet high in minerals and vitamins is necessary. Whole grains, beans, legumes, fruits, and vegetables are among the foods that are high in fiber and micronutrients. In order to succeed, you must also be consistent and adhere to a program with a scientific foundation.

Length Of Workouts:

The quantity and duration of your exercises might affect how quickly you get ripped. Even though there are numerous factors that affect how long an exercise should continue, it is generally safe to conclude that shorter workouts result in greater muscle growth.

Those with little drive or time might nevertheless benefit from a quick workout. 

Train with high repetitions and a low load if you want to look ripped. An excessive amount of exercise during a calorie deficit might cause muscle loss and even lower energy levels. This process also speeds up your metabolism and maintains your lean muscle mass.

Muscle Fitness Diet Plan:

A solid meal plan for becoming ripped should place a strong emphasis on protein, regardless of whether your goal is to build muscle or burn fat. At least 15% of your daily calories should come from this important macronutrient. You should get the remaining 80% of your calories from carbs. Three to six meals every day should be part of a diet plan for a shredded figure.

Why Should You Use Bulking And Cutting Cycles?

In contrast to a recap method where you gain at maintenance, for the majority of people, bulking and reducing cycles are the fastest way to get shredded. This is because you need to be in a larger calorie surplus than is required to only create lean muscle in order to enhance muscle growth.

To put it another way, you must accept some fat gain in order to optimize muscle building, and ultimately a reducing phase is needed to bring you back down. The truth is that there are just four stages at the beginning, but if you’re already in good cardiac shape, the next few stages can result in some really positive outcomes. After a year of diligent training, you should be able to obtain a shredded figure with defined abs and a strong body.

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