How the Twitter Feud between TeamTrump and PotusMorse Broke the Internet

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Twitter’s Team Trump Potus Morse Mashable has been a significant force in the social media industry for more than ten years. Because politicians and political parties have used the platform to engage people and influence public opinion, it has had a tremendous effect on the political sphere. Twitter has, however, had a rocky relationship with politics, and the social media site has been at the heart of some high-profile incidents.

In recent months, Twitter’s decision to block several accounts related to former President Donald Trump’s campaign, including the Twitter Team Trump Potus Morse Mashable, has caused much controversy. People are talking about the role of social media in politics and how it affects how people talk to each other.

TeamTrump’s Twitter rise

The official Twitter account for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was @TeamTrump. The social media staff of Trump used the account to interact with followers, advance his political agenda, and disparage his competitors. Team Trump was one of the most popular political accounts on Twitter during the election season, with over 20 million followers.

The Elevation of PotusMorse on Twitter

A Twitter account called PotusMorse purported to speak for a group of Republicans opposed to Donald Trump’s presidential bid. Early in 2016, the account was established, and it immediately garnered popularity for its scathing comments on Trump’s language and actions. PotusMorse got a lot of attention on social media for its daring position against the GOP candidate, despite having a smaller audience than Team Trump.

TeamTrump and PotusMorse’s Twitter Feud

The feud between Team Trump and Potus Morse on Twitter began in the summer of 2016, as the presidential election became more competitive. Each side of the two accounts attacked the other’s policies and personality in a verbal battle. Thousands of people took sides in the argument, which immediately stoked the flames on social media and garnered attention for both sides.

Mashable’s Twitter Drama Coverage

One of the first media sites to cover the Team Trump and PotusMorse Twitter conflict was the well-known online news site Mashable. The website examined the tweets and responses from both sides in several pieces on the dispute. Mashable’s coverage of the disagreement increased the drama on social media and helped the conflict reach a broader audience.

Team Trump case

There’s no dispute that President Donald Trump’s tweets are some of the most popular and well-liked pieces of material on Twitter. He has even received acclaim from several media sites for them, which often trend nationwide. Trump’s tweets are excellent, but how do they stack up to those of Barack Obama, his predecessor?

Obama was renowned for writing explicit, grammar-perfect tweets. According to BuzzSumo research, Obama’s tweets had a retweet rate nearly three times higher than Trump’s. Obama also had a benefit regarding likes; his tweets tended to get more than Trump’s.

Why, then, do Trump’s tweets appear to fall flat? That has a lot to do with how he writes them. Obama chose his words and phrasing deliberately, while Trump tends to ramble on without structure or coherence. This makes it challenging to scan them in an atmosphere like social media where seconds count.

Trump also prefers criticising his opponents to agreeing on policy objectives or solutions. For example, he often criticises Democrats instead of trying to find solutions that could bring the whole country together behind him.

PotusMorseMashable Case

President Donald Trump’s team reportedly produces better tweets than Barack Obama’s Twitter crew. That is, even if they have less time than Obama to write and tweet. These tweets are often more timely, relevant, and on-topic for their followers. Also, many of their tweets are humorous, which draws readers in more.

Trump’s staff writes differently than Obama’s team, contributing to this superiority perception. Obama’s team employed long paragraphs with loads of self-promotion and powerful words, but Trump’s team preferred snappy one-liners and shorter phrases. Examples of this strategy include the following:

Obama: “We must establish national standards to guarantee that all pupils have access to a great education.”

Trump: “Our country’s leaders believe every kid deserves access to a world-class education.”

Trump: “Only by coming together can we make progress.” I’m dedicated to working with Democrats and Republicans to accomplish shared objectives.”

Obama: “Political disagreements shouldn’t keep us from cooperating on solutions; I think there are areas where we can come to an understanding.”

Social Media’s Effect on Politics

The Twitter fight between twitter teamtrump potusmorsemashable and PotusMorse serves as a reminder of how social media increasingly impacts politics. Politicians now have access to a potent weapon for mobilising their supporters and communicating with voters: Twitter. But, as seen by the conflict between TeamTrump and PotusMorse, it has also developed into a breeding ground for controversy and drama. While social media’s influence on politics is still being researched, it is evident that it has altered how politicians interact with people and communicate with them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trump’s Twitter Approach

Trump’s Twitter account has evolved into many people’s primary source of news and information since he was elected president.


  •         Some use it to track how the president responds to news events.
  •         Some individuals believe that Trump’s tweets boost morale and increase support for the government.
  •         Some, though, think that his tweets are offensive and deceptive. For instance, he tweeted about an unreliable anti-Trump dossier before BuzzFeed made it available to the general public.


  •         There are significant drawbacks to adhering to Trump’s tweets.
  •         They distribute false information since the president often backs it.
  •         \Trump’s unpredictable and contentious tweets may scuttle discussions on a global scale.

The Twitter War: Who Won?

Trump may be winning the ongoing Twitter battle between twitter teamtrump trump potusmorsemashable . Trump tweets more often than PotusMorseMashable, but many are funnier and better written.

One such is Trump’s tweet about Nordstrom discontinuing his daughter Ivanka’s clothing brand. The tweet’s creative language and universal message attracted a lot of attention. Trump is also more adept at using Twitter for political goals, a skill that PotusMorseMashable needs to develop.

Other noteworthy tweets from Trump include his criticism of John McCain and Hillary Clinton and his defence of the divisive Muslim Ban. These tweets show his ability to be amusing while still efficiently communicating a point, even if they may not be as successful at winning him supporters.

Trump is winning the twitter potusmorsemashable War by routinely posting better tweets than PotusMorseMashable. He has some bright aides working for him; whether or if this will help him win the election remains to be seen.


Several people praised the account restriction, arguing that it was necessary to prevent the spread of false information and incite violent behavior. Others saw the action as an infringement on free expression and a dangerous demonstration of the power of social media.

Trump often uses the network to interact with fans, so blocking his account was controversial. Some critics argue that the restriction sets a dangerous precedent for social media’s ability to censor political speech.

Notably, the @TeamTrump and @POTUS accounts were blocked because they spread official Trump administration statements. Several people have expressed worry that this action would serve as a model for future bans on political parties and government figures.


Why did Twitter block the accounts of Trump’s team?

Twitter thought that messages from Trump’s camp might be trying to get people to do violent things, so it suspended multiple accounts.

The suspension of Trump’s account creates what precedent?

A: People who don’t like the ban on political speech say it sets a bad example for social media companies.


Finally, the twitter trump potusmorsemashable fight between Donald Trump and Mashable was a turning point in the 2016 US presidential election. It emphasized how social media may organize people and influence political debate. Still, it showed the risks and possible problems of using social media as a way for politicians to talk to the public. Political campaigns and decision-makers can learn important lessons from the conflict about using social media and controlling what people say online.

It also shows how important it is for people to know how to use social media. They need to be able to evaluate messages they get online and find their way through the complicated web of political conversation online. As we continue to figure out what social media means for politics, it’s essential to be smart about how we use this technology and consider the risks and benefits it might bring.


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