The Ultimate BBQ Experience: Digging into Slaps BBQ

Slaps BBQ

You must eat BBQ if you visit Kansas City, Kansas! The state’s geographic location may have influenced the famed recipes and grilling style during the Wild West era of wagon riding. Still, Barbecue’s undeniable flavor ensures its continued relevance.


Slap’s Barbeque can be found in Kansas City at 553 Central Avenue [amazon text link asin=’0881508977′]. text=’Kansas’ link id=”65d5d0a8-c4dc-11e7-93d0-89d824da8083″ template=”ProductLink” store=”theyums-20″ marketplace=”US”].


The brothers have been the face of Kansas City sauce for the past two years, thanks to a collaboration between Slaps bbq kc and Heinz Foods.


Three years ago, Joe and Mike Pearce’s mother joined them in their decision to leave their corporate positions and pursue their passion for Barbecue. Slap’s Barbecue was founded by the Pearce family collectively. For the brothers, who have a penchant for modern business trends, distinctive cuisine, and satisfying clients, life has been good (as their restaurant is almost always on a wait). Slap’s Barbecue has expanded rapidly as a result of its success.

Together with Joe, Mike entered the competitive scene as Squeal Like A Pig. The brothers soon competed in the BBQ Pitmasters television series on Destination America against the top chefs. Despite having the least experience of any pitmasters present, they made it to the finals and took home several trophies, even if they did not win. They were now ranked 10th out of 2,600 by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (amazon text link asin=’0740790102′ text=’KBS’). Squeal Like A Pig, the 2017 Team of the Year winner [template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link id=’138bd633-c4dc-11e7-8705-89c88f9137df’], has mastered the art of barbecuing.

When I went to Slap’s BBQ, the side dishes were as good as the grilled meats with delectable sauces that blew my mind. The brothers continue the famous [amazon text link asin=’1493001582′]. Kansas City barbeque, text [template type=”ProductLink” store=”theyums-20″ marketplace=”US” link id=”35a3197f”] position with their interpretation of one of the most infamous dishes in the Midwest. Never forget to taste slaps bbq kansas city.

Unsavoury Meats:

  • St. Louis-style ribs and burnt ends (most popular sellers)
  • Roasted Turkey
  • shredded pork
  • Brisket \sJalapeno Camembert Sausage
  • Cheesy Corn, a side dish (with cream cheese and ham)
  • Slaw Cole (finely chopped and a hint of sweetness)
  • Baked Potato Casserole, still hot (party for your taste buds)
  • Beans, Baked (made with their signature BBQ sauce)

slaps bbq kansas city

The Barbecue at Slap’s sells out quickly, so arrive early! At the counter, customers place their orders and then watch as their meal is made. Filling your order could take 8 to 10 minutes due to huge lines and a small kitchen. Be patient; it will be well to wait for the hot food.

In this coveted restaurant, the meats take center stage. Slaps BBQ kc tables provide a range of sauces to add flavor to your meals. The most popular item is burnt ends, and I can see why after tasting the sour, smokey delicacy of the crispy chunks. Some dishes guaranteed to satisfy include brisket that has been simmered and low and spicy sausages that fall off the bone.

Slap’s BBQ offers various alternatives because only some enjoy Barbecue, including my favorite, the smoked turkey. It was delicious, buttery, and juicy. Warm Baked Potato Casserole, a novel restaurant discovery, was another of my favorites. I wanted to devour every last piece of the flavorful, soft potato chunks mixed with cheese and herbs! At Slap’s BBQ, the cheesy corn reigns supreme as a trendy menu item I’ve seen nationwide. This comfort food is made with cream cheese, butter, and a few more ingredients, thanks to their excellent recipe.

I adored the covered patio at Slap’s Barbeque, which had room to roam and was furnished with picnic tables. Customers, primarily business people at lunchtime, were okay sharing the large picnic tables, and it was simple to start conversations with strangers. We were all interacting while enjoying a damned good supper that we won’t soon forget. Price: $7 to $12

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