The top Android app development trends for 2022

Android app development

There is a lot of investment being made by businesses in the area of application development. Why is that so? There is no longer any truth to the myth that a website will be able to deliver all the leads that you need. More than 26 percent of the customers start their research on an app before they visit a website. In order to increase your customer base, whether it be a restaurant, an organization, or any other type of business, you need an app for your business.

There is no doubt that Android is the most powerful OS when it comes to the development of apps. Based on statistics from Statista, Android controls 73% of the market share, according to the research company. The best approach would be to develop an app for the Android platform first before attempting to develop one for the iOS platform. Nevertheless, other operating systems are also crucial for the success of the system.

It is critical for you to analyze the trends in the android app development market if you intend to take advantage of these services. In this way, you will be able to ensure that your app survives the market competition, and that it fulfills the expectations of the users.

What are the factors to consider for app development?

If you are thinking of developing a mobile app for your business, you do not have to rush into it. There are a number of factors to consider before developing a custom android app, especially since creating one is not as easy as it was in the past.

You need to pay utmost attention to the following aspects.

  • Market: Before launching your app on the market, make sure that it is ready for the market before you rush into it. It is important to understand that developing an app that is not required by the market may result in a disaster for you. Due to the lack of market or poor market conditions, many startup apps and platforms have failed like frankly, Friendster, and more, as a result of a lack of market. In addition to the timing, there is also another element to consider.

As an example, when certain countries banned TikTok, Instagram introduced Reels in the app, which was a brilliant move since people were looking for something like this since TikTok had been banned.

There is no doubt that market analysis is one of the most crucial elements of developing an Android app, and this can be learned from this example.

  • Keeping an eye on your competitors is one of the best ways to learn from them. As a result, you need to watch the activities of your competitors if you want to ensure that your app is better. It is imperative that you use their app, learn what features they have integrated into it, and stay up to date with what your competitors are doing in order to stay competitive.

The other thing you should do is evaluate what improvements they have made, are they helping attract an audience with their improvements, etc.

  • When you have an idea for an app, you have to assess if that idea can solve a problem for the users. It is important to do this as soon as you have the idea. There is no doubt that your app will be used by the users. As an example, today, if you are going to develop a messaging app, you may not be able to achieve good performance because there are already a lot of these apps on the market.

However, if you develop an app that allows users to invest in crypto, it will be more popular than an app that allows people to check their balances. For you to understand what kind of apps you can develop, you have to drill down into the popular trends in the market.

  • There are a lot of trends that come and go in the app industry. It is common for every trend to either be replaced or updated after some time has passed. In the case of Facebook, it began as a simple networking app allowing people to connect with each other. In the present day, it is used for a variety of purposes, including communications, business, selling, etc. A P2P communication system has supplanted text messaging with something that is faster and easier: peer-to-peer messaging.

As a matter of fact, one of the most important things to grasp here is that app trends continue to change over time. As a result, you need to analyze these trends in order to stay on top of the game.

What kind of Android Apps are in demand in 2022?

Now that we have addressed the most important question, let’s move on to the next one. It is no secret that there are a lot of trends when it comes to app development today. Here is a look at some of them that you might be interested in!

Blockchain technology application

Today, blockchain technology is one of the most demanding technologies in the world. Its growing market is proof of that as it is projected to reach a value of $67.4 billion by the year 2026. Many of the top brands are leveraging blockchain technology in the app development process because of the exponential growth and advantages it offers.

First of all, blockchain technology, as a decentralized ledger, gives data the utmost privacy, thanks to the fact that it is a decentralized system. Developing an app that focuses on privacy across the globe will certainly prove to be a boon for you since privacy is one of the major concerns of people around the globe. Besides this, blockchain technology is also more profitable because of the speed and transparency it offers.

Blockchain technology can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Payment apps that can be used across borders
  • Apps designed to store medical data
  • Apps that allow you to pay using cryptocurrencies
  • Monitoring of the supply chain and logistics processes

There are many others as well!

Burst IQ, Chainyard, Voatz are some prime examples of apps based on blockchain.

Mobile Commerce Apps

The world has never been the same since COVID-19 took place. There has been an increase in the reliance on M-commerce apps for almost everything in the last few years. In the UK, a rise of 30% was detected in the retail sales of mobile devices in 2020, which can be attributed to this growing trend. In addition, this rise in the number of people was 25% greater than the one before COVID in 2019.

This shows us that you should hire a developer who has experience in the M-commerce market if you are planning to hire an android app developer for app development work. There has already been a tremendous increase in the number of M-commerce apps on the market. It is certain that if an app is developed by you in the future, it will yield fruitful results for you.

M-commerce apps have the following advantages:

  • Easy to access anytime, anywhere.Among the pros of M-commerce apps are the followingre.
  • Compared to websites, it is easier to manage.
  • In comparison to websites, it is much easier to manage a blogsmartphone.

Internet of Things Apps

In recent times, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been embraced by a range of industries and has become one of the coolest concepts. With IoT, a variety of devices can share data continuously with each other or with a central gateway via the internet. Consequently, industries with a larger number of machines are using IoT to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

There is no doubt that the IoT concept is slowly catching on with general users as well, and this has made the need for an IoT app imperative. Almost every device in the home can be controlled by a smartphone with the help of Internet of Things.

The AC can be turned ON from your phone, so if you are leaving the office and would like your room to be cool when you arrive, you can turn on the AC from your phone when you leave.

In short, it is pretty cool and in demand to hire a developer who has experience in developing Android apps to work on IoT applications. You can stand out in the competition by making an IoT app.

Artificial Intelligence

If you use Netflix and you see recommendations based on what you have watched in the past, that’s an example of artificial intelligence. As a result of artificial intelligence, there are a number of things that are becoming easier and more straightforward as it is fast, reliable, and pretty efficient. There are a number of reasons why various companies have adopted it as a result of these reasons.

You will surely be able to boost the chances of your app being successful if you integrate AI into the development of it if you are planning to make onefor those who have a lot of data to analyze. You can increase sales by integrating AI into your eCommerce app, for instance. In what way? By combining AI and machine learning, we will be able to analyze customer behavior and target products according to their preferences.

One of the great examples of an AI-powered app that has been developed by a company such as Facebook is FaceApp. Today, it is one of the most popular apps on the market. A second app that uses AI to suggest music to users is Spotify.

AR and VR Apps

I am sure you have heard of Augmented Reality (AR) if you have played Pokemon Go in the past. Moreover, VR also offers the user a unique experience that is worth a lot of money. In the technological world of today, both of these technologies are firmly rooted in the society. This is a trend that you need to keep an eye on if you are thinking about developing an app.

The idea of combining AI and AR functionality in one app can be lucrative, and you can do this by clubbing them together. The industrial sector has a wide range of applications for these types of applications. There are many applications of AR, VR, and IoT which can be used to make digital twins, remote data monitoring, predictive maintenance, and many more.

It is clear that all of these trends are going to make your business grow rapidly in the near future. If you want to reach the top of the market, then you can create an application around any of these trends. There is, however, a need to analyze the market as well as the competitors in order to make informed decisions.

There has been a drastic change in the way apps are made with the passage of time. Using new technologies and trends, we have been able to improve the development process, the user experience, and the user interface. There has been an increase in competition on the market by a factor of many in recent years. If you are going to build an application, it would be wise to build an Android app, since most people around the world have already adopted Android as a mobile OS.

In addition to this, it is important to ensure that you have carefully studied the market, the competitors, and trends as well. When you build an app without conducting this research, you may have a very bad outcome for your business. You can take advantage of the trends described in the following paragraphs to get an edge over your competitors in the market. You can contact an Android app development company for professional assistance if you need it.


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