Top 6 Major Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends In 2022

Top 6 Major Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends In 2022
Top 6 Major Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends In 2022

Virtual and augmented reality trends are increasing becoming a part of the world. Due to the tales of the science fiction, television series, movies, etc. The creative minds in the 1950s introduced these technologies in the form of imagination. According to Statista, the augmented and virtual reality is growing by $143 billion in the coming years. This article sheds some light on the major augmented and virtual reality trends in 2022. AR / VR market is most likely to grow more than 8 times than it is currently and this is going to increase hugely in the next 5 years. This is one of the fastest-growing industries and it includes many things such as wearables and smartphones. 

Evolving of the Mobile Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality or virtual reality in mobile phones is one of the centers of attention. This technology and many of the users opt for AR-capable smartphones. Mobile devices are very portable and anyone can bring them into any space or area. There are new sources developed that is a new trend for augmented reality for its growth and development. The latest of the apple kit the ARkit 5 offers significant enhancements that involve motion trackers, face tracking. The location anchors help with providing enhanced AR-based navigation solutions. Apart from that, Google also introduced the ARcore that provides recording as well as playback APIs. This helps the developers to record the video footage with the help of AR metadata. 

Several trends are seen in 2022 and there is a list of these trends given below:

  1. Industrial use of outpacing and gaming entertainment 

There are games that use AR technology such as the game Pokémon go. Using this technology, VR is making many improvements in the gaming industry and XR gaming is increasing these days. XR gaming helps to bring the real-world elements and the virtual elements together to create an interactive 3D experience for people. VR is making it easy to help people access. 

  1. Headsets will become more affordable

The AR and the VR headsets producers faces huge challenges, the small players are also facing challenges, and they are in the position to offer less expensive headsets. This is somewhat of a similar trend that is seen in the mobile phone industry. Similarly, there are high-end and entry-level smartphones in the market that help to cater to every budget. Similarly, it will also create a better industry for the headsets. 

  1. AR/VR will create work from home more connected

It seems that during covid-19, the work from home is becoming more and more a part of the general life. Companies have been more inclined towards making work from home more convenient and creating meaningful interactions between people. They are implementing AR and VR technology to make communications and collaborations accessible and this helps the employees to believe that they are in the same space and together with each other. This helps to create a better work environment. 

  1. Augmented shopping becoming a norm for social media networks

Social shopping and augmented reality are becoming one of the best combinations that one could imagine. According to some of the reports, the augmented shopping is experiencing a CAGR of 47.1% from 2020 to 2027.  

In addition, according to the Shopify findings, the conversion rate for products that have AR/VR content has a 94% higher conversion rate as compared with the static or the 2D interactions. Thus, it is said that shopping on social media through the AR/VR trends is rising and is a huge trend for 2022. 

  1. 360-degree marketing 

Although, the 360-degree videos are not exactly a true VR experience. However, they are easier to create and share. Thus, many brands use this as their marketing strategy. In addition, the brands are keen on using technology to market their strategy. This helps the users to keep their attention focused on a product. The immersive videos is bringing revolutionization in this industry. The consumers are easily accessing all kinds and types of content, the content is highly encouraged by the consumers. 

  1. Investments in Metaverse

Meta verse was a buzzword in the year 2021, as the business name of Facebook is changed to meta. It was also announced to diversify their products and services, since then this world is hugely buzzing. 

Metaverse is known to become a world that has its rights and businesses can interact through the use of virtual avatars. Thus, it is important to focus on AI, 3D modeling, and 5G. This helps to make Metaverse become a trend in the future.  

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Virtual and augmented reality is one of the technologies that have the highest growth potential. According to the latest forecasts, the investment in this industry is going to multiply by 21 folds in the coming years.

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